Additional FAQs

Invoices and Invoice Tutorials are available online at under “Documents and Forms.” 

Why are my students not showing up for billing?

  • Make sure you selected the ongoing tab for ongoing services or the evaluation tab for an evaluation.  Case managers help with evaluation planning meetings, prep the eligibility report, and run the eligibility meeting.  You are not a case manager if you only provide ongoing therapy and evaluations.
  • Ensure you are using the email address provided to Devon.
  • Ensure you are using the correct number for the last four digits.  If you provided us with an EIN, use your EIN number.
  • If you work for a clinic, we will have either the owner’s or the company’s biller’s email address.
  • If you are using google chrome, first see if another web browser works, such as Edge or Safari.  If another browser works and not Chrome, follow these steps.  Go into Chrome settings- select privacy and security – search cookies – make sure “Block third-party cookies in incognito” is not turned on.

How do I bill for meeting attendance?

  • First, check if a meeting attendance is listed in your caseload under Ongoing.  Some meetings are entered into the system and have a billing line.
  • Case managers must bill their meeting times as direct services on the case management line.  Please submit a time extension request if this causes you to go over in time.
  • If you do not have a specific invoice for the meeting attendance under Ongoing and the student is on your caseload, submit using the IEP Meeting Attendance link under Documents & Forms.

How do I bill for group sessions?

  • Some groups are already set as billing lines.  For example, OH will enter Social Skills Group, and the service will show on your billing list.
  • In states such as MI, some schools allow you to group students together.  Under such circumstances, please get in touch with your Devon Rep for the Excel billing spreadsheet.

Can I view all session notes after billing has been submitted?

  • No.  Please save your notes in a place where you can access them at a later date. 

How do I document that a session is a make-up time?

  • If you are making up a session please note that it is a make-up session in the goal box on the invoice just before your goal.
  • If you add additional time to an ongoing session to make-up for a previously missed session, submit the total time in one billing submission.  Indicate the time allotted for make-up in the goal box just before the goal. 
  • If the make-up is approved comp time (AC) that has been emailed to you by us, there would be an AC invoice.  You will see “type” next to the service name on your student list. Types of service include Reg, AC, and ESY.  Be sure to use the correct invoice.

What do I do if I make an error when submitting my invoice?

  • Please send an email right away explaining the error made.  Copy the billing email address, and your Devon Rep.  Do not reply to the billing receipt email.
    • In this email, please include the Date of billing submission, Student name, Student ID#, and error made.

What do I do if a student needs to be added to my list or a student should be removed?

  • Please email your Devon Rep to let them know who is missing or who should be added.