Additional FAQs

  • Question - Does the student in need of an evaluation have an existing disability? Or is there a suspected disability?

  • Answer - Sometimes existing, and sometimes suspected. There are school psychologists at the virtual school, but they do not have enough time to test all of the students, plus the actual school headquarters are up near Toledo, and the students are located all across the state. Usually the family and the psychologist meet in a public library between their school/residences. (Mileage is reimbursed at 51 cents a mile).

  • Question - Has the student ever attended school in the school district I currently work?

  • Answer - Again, sometimes they have, and sometimes not, depending on age etc. If so, many times parents will ask for a Speech Therapist or an OT with whom they have worked with in the public school, and they will see the child after school or on Sat and subcontract privately through our firm.

    Of course all info from our client school is confidential, including info from the public school or to the public school. As long as there wasn't a negative interaction, at times the parents and the local psychologists have known each other, and it hasn't been a problem.

  • Question - What are your timelines for the evaluation?

  • Answer - It varies, but they usually give us a month to 6 weeks (usually the 5 or 6 weeks, but they give us the date of the IEP meeting), and the psychologist and parent set up a time that is convenient for them. If there is an issue, they can reschedule the meeting, but usually there is plenty of time, and we just ask that you keep in touch with date it's scheduled, and once you have met, then approximately when we can expect the report. (They will be asking us for the "updates", and it saves us having to "track down" folks as we have 250 or so kiddos in our charge and the various specialties' evaluations).

  • Question - Will an evaluation include meeting with you/team to discuss the results? Or are you just in search of an evaluation & report without oral interpretation of the results?

  • Answer - Not usually, if they have questions re. info in your report the school psychologist will usually call ahead, at times they may have you phone-in to the meeting, but of course it is based on if you can be free, (and if it is that important to them that you be involved, then they reschedule it to meet your time frame), and of course all time is billable.

  • Question - Does your contractor rate include report writing and interpretation of the results, via a team meeting?

  • Answer - Yes, as above, all time is billable (with-in reason of course, for instance if you have conference call and or interview mom, that would be billable but it's not like attorney's where if you send me an email with the date of the meeting, that you then round up to 15 minutes J). Ok, I guess that is it for now, I hope I answered your questions for now and please feel free to call or write with any more questions. If you would like to proceed we would need a resume, copy of your license (or number), and either a copy of a background check or we can run one through a service we use. We would have a brief chat at some point and then send you an Independent Contractor Agreement and a very simple time sheet that you fill out and email and is paid every 2 weeks.

  • Question – How much is mileage reimbursement?

  • Answer - .51 cents per mile

  • Question – What do you consider indirect time and what is the reimbursement?

  • Answer - Reimbursement is the same rate. Covered are things like initial interview with mom and IEP/record, review. Also, if you are asked to do IEP updates or skills summary. Other than things like that there should be very little indirect – each session only requires a short (2 line or so) note on the time sheet. The limit is 15 minute per hour of IEP time, and if you have any questions please just call.