1. Devon Health Care Group – Onboarding Paperwork

When starting with Devon, you will receive communication from the HR department containing information and documentation needed to get you set up with Devon and credentialed in the school. 

Every onboarding therapist must provide a resume, license number, and background check. The specific background check depends on the state and school requirements. This information will be included in the HR email.

Devon will also email you a W9, Independent Contractor Agreement, and Direct Deposit form to review, sign and send back to us. We ask that you scan and email the form back to us.

  1. Make-up time:

A make-up session should be offered if the Parent or Guardian cancels a therapy session with more than 24 hours’ notice. The time frame for making up the session depends on each school’s policy, so be sure to check your therapist handbook. If you need more time than the school allows, contact your Devon reps for pre-approval, or the time will not be billable. If the family cancels with less than 24 hours' notice, you are not required to offer a make-up session, but you may if you feel it is warranted and you are available. The same policies apply for making up the session within the timeframe given by the school. However, you cannot bill for a late cancelation/no-show as well as a session. It must be one or the other.

  1. Updating IEPs

Prior to the IEP expiration date, you will receive a notification to update the goals and frequency of services. Depending on the school’s requirements, this may be done on a Word doc, a specific form, or entered directly into the school's documentation system. Typically, the school will reach out with potential dates for the IEP meeting and will work with you to schedule a virtual meeting based on the team's availability. If you are unable to attend a meeting, please be sure to reach out to your Devon reps to let them know.

  1. Constant Contact:

Devon Health Care Group uses Constant Contact to send out very important newsletters via email. The newsletters provide you with updates and timely information from Devon. Please check your inbox for these emails and read through all the content. If you do not receive our 'Constant Contact' email, please check your “junk/spam” folders and let us know if you still don’t have it. 

  1. (ESY) Extended School Year:

If a therapist suspects that a child may be eligible for ESY services, all recommendations and supporting documentation must be sent prior to the school-specific due date. ESY documentation should include regression/recoupment data, as well as a narrative from the treating therapist regarding the circumstances that may impact the student’s need for ESY services. If ESY services are appropriate and the therapists submit the appropriate documentation, the SE teacher will coordinate with the IEP Compliance Team to schedule a meeting to amend the IEP to include ESY services. If you have any questions about the ESY timeline or how to submit a request, please get in touch with your Devon Reps.

  1. Approved Compensatory time:

If a student is owed time that has yet to be provided according to the IEP frequency, the school may request Approved Compensatory time. Your Devon reps will contact you with the timeline and amount of time to be offered. A student should regularly attend their ongoing sessions before the AC time is offered. Please do your best to complete the make-up sessions by the end date given, and let us know if you need an extension. AC time may only be provided over the summer if explicitly approved by the school. Billing for AC time will be separate from your ongoing services.

Progress Reports:

Progress report due dates will be provided on the school-specific calendar you receive with your referral. This may be done on a Word doc, a specific form, or entered directly into the school's documentation system depending on the school policy.

Evaluations - Procedures & Paperwork (ETR/IEP):

The Devon evaluation team will guide you through the process of completing a submitting an evaluation. Following the procedures and policies outlined in the Therapist Handbook is important.

No testing materials are provided by Devon Health Care Group, they must be provided by the evaluating therapist. If you are unsure how to obtain these materials, the evaluation team can offer guidance. 

No evaluations can be done without a referral directly from Devon. 

  1. Weekend & Late Evening Calls:

When attempting to reach a family to schedule sessions, please be considerate of their time. Unless a family has expressly agreed to contact outside of these hours, please do not call or text after 9 pm on weekdays or 5 pm on Saturdays. Try to avoid contact on Sundays unless unavoidable. 

  1. Email Labeling and Subject Lines:

It is policy that students only be referred to by first initial and last name. Please use this format in your subject line, including the specialty and school. The Student ID is also very helpful (Ex: M Jones 12345 SLP OHVA).

If you have an issue or question with more than one child in your caseload, please detail the issues you have with each child in separate emails whenever possible.

  1. Canceled Therapy Sessions and 'No-Shows':

Please refer to your Therapist Handbook to determine the no-shows or late cancelations policy. Any questions can be directed to your Devon Reps.

If less than 24 hours’ notice is given of the cancelation then you can bill as a late cancelation or no show. You will receive payment for half the session time at your regular rate. If the session is invoiced as a No Show or Late cancelation, you may not also make up the session. 

  1. Changing Goals/Objectives & Time Frame Recommendations (IEP):

If you feel the current goals/objective or frequency for a student needs to be revised, please get in touch with your Devon Reps about an IEP amendment. 

  1. Initial Planning & Scheduling (Indirect Time):

Billable time is limited to direct IEP minutes spent with the student and attending IEP or other meetings with the IEP team. 

Your first session can be a “meet and greet” to get to know the student and Learning Coach and familiarize yourself with the student’s case. 

  1. Questions or Concerns

If you are unclear about any of the policies pr procedures, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Devon Reps. If it is time sensitive, be sure to text or call in addition to emailing.