I just wanted to thank Joanne Michener and the other amazing folks at Devon Healthcare. Not only do they hand-select only the most qualified therapists, but their customer service exceeds expectations. They go above and beyond, always looking for ways to get involved and to help those with special needs. They have personally helped our family a number of times.

My son Chase has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), the #1 genetic killer of children under 2. He's had many close calls, but is thankfully beating the odds. During one of these difficult times, when Chase ended up in the hospital for several weeks and had to be trached, Devon sent our family a donation. We were told to use it on anything Chase might need or something to make our time in the hospital a little easier. When our OT mentioned that Chase would benefit from a special document holder and adaptive hand grip device, the folks at Devon took care of it, with no hesitations. When Chase participated in the local FSMA Walk-n-Roll for a cure, Devon sponsored him, donating in his honor. When Devon found out that we were saving to take Chase to Disney World, they made a contribution to his Disney fund. They wanted him to have that enjoyment as much as we did.

When there was some doubt that Chase may not get a wrex (adapted arm device to help in arm movement and driving his power wheelchair), Devon was ready to step up and offer their assistance in talking to the school about the need and also offering some financial assistance. Luckily he was approved and received the necessary item, but I have no doubt that the folks of Devon would have found a way and he would have gotten it regardless. This was demonstrated recently, when insurance did not pay for a portable cough assist (a respiratory life-saving device), Devon contributed to our savings. Those funds helped us obtain the device he needed. And now transporting Chase, and even going for a stroll in the neighborhood, can be enjoyable without the worry of not having a necessary respiratory device on hand.

It is so incredibly amazing to me how involved and compassionate the folks at Devon are. These are just a few examples. They are constantly looking out for Chase's well being, not just for therapy, but for all aspects of his needs and quality of life. Thank you Joanne and all of the amazing folks at Devon Healthcare for everything you do.

Sherry, mom to Chase

"Joanne's service was always helpful. She found me staff whenever I needed it, no matter what shift. I feel she and her company were always top notch, and made sure I was satisfied. I absolutely would recommend Joanne and her staff. She has always accommodated my situations, no matter how crazy. She handled all situations professionally and promptly. I am very comfortable in using her services and recommending her to my colleagues."

K-Radiology Manager

"Working with Joanne, has always been positive experience. She has the utmost level of integrity and is an extremely hard worker. Her personality allows her to be compassionate, yet strong and she always has a positive "never give up" attitude. Without a doubt, if she says something will get done it will get done."

TG-Professional Colleague

"Joanne has always been an accurate caring, consistent and fair manager, with rarely an issue of miscommunication. Joanne has given me "kudos" when applicable and more than once also gave me advice that resulted in not only improvement in my professional life but my personal life as well. It is a pleasure to work for her".

VDH-Contract Technologist

*Name and number of References available upon request.